July 13 Quick-Fire Updates

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championing Western Avenue and Complete Streets Policy

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Complete Streets policy is an increasingly distinguishing factor among candidates for Cambridge City Council, as captured in this article: “Cambridge councilors question street-narrowing initiatives”

I’m happy to have co-written a letter to the editor celebrating the new Western Avenue for achieving desired traffic calming goals. It’s something we should champion and do more of: “Cambridge’s leaders should celebrate new Western Avenue”

This is a crucial, ongoing conversation, as many more street reconstructions will come up, and we will need to make choices about how we enhance our urban spaces, and connect our healthy and active mobility networks.

The Story of Cambridge

The Cambridge Historical Society has a new director. She’s quoted in the Chronicle:

[Marieke] Van Damme, who recently moved to Cambridge, said she hopes to walk every street in the city thus raising awareness for the Society.

“When I go to a new place I have to be on the ground, walking the streets, looking at the architecture, smelling the flowers, petting the dogs. I want to get out there and see everything because that’s the best way,” Van Damme said. “It’s the architecture, the sense of smells, walking on the grass, that’s what connects you to a place, and then meeting the people.”

As someone who’s (fairly sure he’s) walked every street in Cambridge, and re-tread most of them, and biked most of them, I recommend it. As someone has surely said, get to know every curb and cornice, get to know the soul of the city.

Cambridge was first

The recent US Supreme Court ruling extending gay marriage to all 50 states had special resonance here in Cambridge, where the nation’s first marriage licenses to same-sex couples were granted in 2004.

Taste of Cambridge

Go taste Cambridge Tuesday, July 14, Thursday, July 16 [raindate], at 5:30pm, in University Park.

Stay tuned for exciting campaign season developments

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July 13 Quick-Fire Updates