Jamshid Zafar

Jamshid Zafar was an alum from the college I attended. I didn’t know him, though I have friends who did. Reading the tributes, the memories…

He didn’t only pass away, he was murdered, by hate and fear that has grown into a worldwide movement so deeply implanted into the brains of those who carry out its bent unreligion that its perpetrators, after shooting students and professors (the more innocent, tolerant, and cosmopolitan, the better) and watching the life pass from them, watching them bleed out on the floors of a classroom, can make a phone call, happy and ecstatic about the place they’ve earned in the afterlife.

We had Orlando, which too was deeply intersectional: penetrative global hateful ideology, the immigrant experience, the gay experience, the Latinx experience, etc. etc.

We have it — violent terrorism — almost every day around the world. And, too many millions live in shackles borne by regressive ideology, denying education and opportunity and even the simplest happinesses, which too is terror. Constant, pulsing terror.

And now we have this. A murder of beautiful individuals and the maiming and scarring of many more. A murder of “western” ideals like the equality and education of women, and the free exchange of ideas and cultures. A murder of learning itself, which goes to the most fundamental questions of living at all, being sentient, being humans. Another bludgeoning of a country and a society that’s barely been able to open its gills for 40 years, like a fish drying out on a dock under a hot sun.

This is deeper than one death or one attack and by all accounts this beautiful young soul was among those who would have been the vanguard of a future, freer, more just, more enlightened, more beautiful Afghanistan. To know that he was a part of the very small community that I was within not so long ago…

The American University in Kabul has closed indefinitely, and terror is winning.

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Jamshid Zafar