Cambridge 2018 Property Tax Rates

The Fiscal Year 2018 Property Tax rate for residential property in Cambridge will be $6.29 per $1,000 in assessed value.

This is a decrease from $6.49 in Fiscal Year 2017 and $6.99 in Fiscal Year 2016.

The City Manager’s September tax newsletter can be downloaded here (pdf). The newsletter contains a breakdown of (among others) Cambridge tax policy, city revenues and expenditures, the city’s biggest taxpayers (MIT pays 13% of Cambridge’s taxes), residential exemptions, and side-by-side comparisons of tax bills for Cambridge and surrounding towns (numbers from FY2017):

From the City Manager’s letter (pdf) regarding the tax levy increase for 2018, here is a chart showing the change in median assessed value for properties in Cambridge from 2017…

…and a comparison of median assessed values vs. median sales prices by property class, which is a common area of confusion for buyers/owners, with one general point to keep in mind being that they’re different, for a number of reasons, and assessed values aren’t relevant for determining present market value/what one should pay for a property (a topic for another time):

More information on Cambridge taxes, billing, assessments, and taxpayer assistance here.

Cambridge 2018 Property Tax Rates