Support for City Council candidates


Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 7, 2017) is Election Day.  While there are a number of reasonable choices for City Council, here are the five candidates I most support, and why.

First, the why – some priorities to consider in the next City Council term:

  1. Continue to reclaim Place through complete streets design standards, transit/bicycle infrastructure expansion, parks/ecological corridors, and mixed-use density.
  2. Advance working relationships with MIT and Harvard, corporate and nonprofit players, and major developers.
  3. Build on our socially-inclusive values, ensure high-quality city services, and increase access to economic and educational opportunities.
  4. Maintain civility and cordiality while encouraging pointed, detailed policy discussions.

My perspective on Cambridge issues can be found on my 2015 City Council candidate platform page, and my blog.

Here are the candidates I most support to diligently, eagerly, and thoughtfully carry out the important policy work around housing and development, transportation, ecology and open space, and socioeconomic inclusivity. These candidates stand out as exceptionally hard-working, thoughtful, articulate, nuanced, and detail-oriented.

  • Marc McGovern (incumbent)
  • Jan Devereux (incumbent)
  • Alanna Mallon
  • Sam Gebru
  • Adriane Musgrave

These are the five candidates for City Council I think it’s most crucial to elect tomorrow.

I personally know most of the candidates in this year’s especially large field of twenty-six, and feel that I have a good sense of most candidates’ policy instincts and wherewithal. All six of the incumbents are fine candidates for reelection, and there are several newcomers who would serve the city well. The above is not meant to take away from the determination, values, and clear sense of work ethic among other worthy candidates (e.g. Sean Tierney, E. Denise Simmons, Craig Kelley, Tim Toomey, Vatsady Sivongxay, Dennis Carlone, Sumbul, Quinton, Nadya etc.).

For School Committee, I support Emily Dexter, Jake Crutchfield, Patty Nolan, Piotr Mitros, Manikka Bowman, Elechi Kadete, and Will MacArthur.

Support for City Council candidates